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Happy New Year

Love this simple recipe for “zucchini slices” basically a delicious block of zucchini quiche that’s great for snacking. Can’t go wrong!

brown paper belle

A very happy new year to you.  I thought I’d start the year with the simplest of recipes.  A recipe you can never go wrong with and one of the first I ever made – at school in home economics class.  Particularly handy when you have a garden full of zucchinis and a family who is a little bit tired of finding that I’ve managed to somehow include zucchini in every meal for the past few weeks.  I used this recipe and doubled it – we ate one delicious slice for a weekend picnic and the other has been sliced, wrapped and popped in the freezer for lunches and lazy dinners.

{I’d very much like to thank you all for your support in 2013.  Here’s to a wonderful 2014}

Zucchini Slice | brownpaperbelle.comZucchini Slice | brownpaperbelle.comZucchini Slice | brownpaperbelle.comZucchini Slice |

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